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Heart Felt Warmth

Shift your attention from power tools to backyard makeovers and add to your Dad's enjoyment of the outdoors.

There's nothing quite like sitting around an open fire as a family - away from the mind numbing and anti-social TV screen - and really connecting.

Add ambiance, reflective lighting, and a mesmerizing flame and you’ve got a truly magical environment where memories are created, moments are shared and life is lived.

Whether you're thinking of a freestanding fire feature or a built-in design, EcoSmart Fire's versatile collection of Outdoor Fireplaces, Bioethanol Burners, and Fireplace Inserts provide the freedom to design the perfect fire feature within any setting.

EcoSmart Fire Mix 850 Fire Pit

The Classic Fire Pit

Sitting around a fire has never been easier or cleaner thanks to the MIX Fire Bowl. Running on the bioethanol fueled AB3 burner, the MIX Fire Bowl burns without producing eye-stinging smoke or messy ash. All you get is a vibrant orange flame that can be sat around and enjoyed for hours at a time. Decorative rocks are also available for further customization.

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