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How to choose your finish

We offer a range of finishes and colours to complement your decor. Learn how to pair our finishes with your setting.


Our commercial-grade concrete is exceptionally durable yet incredibly lightweight. Incorporating Fluid Technology, our concrete is water, stain, UV, and scratch-resistant and repels dust and debris for an easy clean.

EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Dining Fire Table

Concrete natural

Natural, our best-selling finish and the organic colour of concrete, is versatile in any space. Its neutral tones complement a range of furniture colours from cooler hues to brown notes.

EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Chat Fire Table

Concrete graphite

Graphite is an elegant and modern colour that commands attention. Stylish and an excellent marker of taste, graphite is elevated with bold colours or grounded with lighter shades and wood elements.

EcoSmart Fire Gin 90 Low Fire Table

Concrete bone

Bone is a light coastal finish that feels airy and modern. Complete the look with linen seating and accent with blue, green, or brown hues for a fresh and relaxed space.


Our new industry-exclusive teak finish is made of the strongest and most durable hardwood available. Its natural oil repels water keeping it from warping, cracking, or becoming brittle.

EcoSmart Fire finishes and colour

Teak natural

Teak is our most versatile finish. Its warm golden colour feels as natural as it is luxurious. Pair with soft organic tones for an earthy yet elegant setting.

How to choose your colour/finish?

Although there are many purposes to a fire feature outside of functionality, choosing the right colour and finish can define your design to the next level. Below we'll explore the purpose of choosing a colour, and the many possibilities to consider when choosing your next fireplace.

How to adapt to your landscape

EcoSmart Fire Ark 40 Fire Table

When designing an outdoor space, maintaining the flow and overall design scheme can offer a clean setting that appears seamless. A great way to create achieve this goal is to pair your natural landscape with a natural coloured fireplace that will blend wonderfully into the overall feel of the area.

EcoSmart Fire Manhattan 50 Fire Pit Table

Complimenting your living space with similar features is a great way to introduce new furniture without altering the overall look. For instance, if your design reflects a woodland landscape with natural aesthetics then a teak fire table will beautifully compliment the setting. In the installation above, the teak fire table creates the perfect gathering place while maintaining the overall feel of the space.

Matching furniture

EcoSmart Fire Base 30 Fire Table

A great way to blend your fire table to your living area is to introduce complementary furniture pieces. First decide on what your overall goal is for the area then introduce your fire table with matching furniture to create the perfect gathering place. In this installation the sleek white fireplace is the centerpiece of this patio maintaining its traditional look.

Setting the tone

EcoSmart Fire Manhattan Fire Table

Whether it’s furniture, flooring, or walls, colours have a great impact on the overall look and feel of the space. When choosing your fire table colour, there are many options you might want to consider. Do you want to compliment your space by blending your fire table into your design or are you looking to create a statement piece with an opposing colour that stands out from the rest. In the installation above, the fireplace wonderfully blends in with the overall feel of the space matching the darker setting for a modern and sleek look. The fire table becomes a beautiful centerpiece of the room without appearing too overwhelming on the eyes.

EcoSmart Fire Manhattan fire table

Another way to invite a fire feature into your design is to have contrasting colours allowing the fire table to stand out. In this installation the fire table’s colour contrasts with the colours of the room creating a statement piece that accentuates the space. It defines the area and offers an inviting feel.

Overall, every design is unique and everyone's definition of perfect varies, but choosing a colour that fits your vision can transform your ordinary living areas into a beautiful space that you'll never want to leave.

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