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Fireplace Parts & Accessories

Designed to improve the safety of
operating an open fireplace

Our clean and simple fireplace screens, fixing systems, top trays, fireplace covers and accessories have been designed to improve the safety of operating an open fireplace without compromising the view to the flame.

All of our modern fireplace screens are made from toughened low iron glass. These glass fireplace screens increase light transmission and eliminate the greenish tint that can be found in inferior quality fireplace screens.

Parts & Accessories

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Stools Stools
Fireplace Screens Fireplace Screens
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Winter Storage Bags Winter Storage Bags
Safety Accessories Safety Accessories
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Key Features

Fire screens

All of our modern fireplace screens are made from toughened low iron glass.

Fireplace trays

The incorporation into your setting protects against heat transference and aids in the collection of accidental spillage.

Outdoor covers

Designed to be rainproof, but under extreme wet conditions the outdoor fires should be stored under cover.

Decorative media

Our decorative pebbles complement and complete many of our outdoor fireplace models.
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