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Enhancing mood and style
of New York showroom
Model: XL900 Linz, Austria

Firing Up Design

Any business knows that first impressions can make or break you when it comes to attracting new clients. So when Hoflehner Interiors commissioned Michael Prohaska of brenn-punkt, Architects of Fire, to work HIS magic on one of HOFLEHNER’S showrooms, all involved knew the design had to make a visual impact.

Their Showroom in Linz, Austria, has now been transformed by the addition of two EcoSmart burners, which Michael selected not only for their aesthetics, but for practical reasons too.

“First and foremost our client wanted a timeless, clean design using fire as a central piece in the space,” explains Michael. “It also needed to be clean burning, with no soot, smoke or ash to be released into the air in the showroom.

EcoSmart burners and fireplaces have the finest, most beautiful flames of all ethanol burners – having an impactful and beautiful flame was one of the main criteria we wanted to fulfil. Our client loved the implementation of EcoSmart fire. The main design in the showroom was his idea!”

Michael Prohaska, Brenn-Punkt

Hoflehner Interiors prides themselves on their overall aesthetics planning. Their philosophy states that every detail in a space contributes to the total mood and style of the room. So, taking a leaf out of their book, considering all other items in the showroom space before designing a suitable indoor fireplace was a priority for Michael.

“The fire is for aesthetic reasons only – the whole design of the EcoSmart burner is very smooth and sleek, and we paired it with tiles and other modern smooth textures to fit with the feel of the client’s showroom,” says Michael. “The clean and even design works perfectly within the space.

Also, the big variety of burner sizes and models gave us a lot of choice. When we were working the design of the fireplace into the space, it helped so much that the EcoSmart website provides all of the relevant planning data, 3D data and CAD files.

This is a very useful service that allows designers to plan how we are going to incorporate individual fireplaces, including burners and fireboxes, into a space, using the exact measurements provided.”

Michael and the team at brenn-punkt, Architects of Fire, have used EcoSmart fires several times before, and are now working exclusively with the brand on future projects. They currently have a vision to install EcoSmart in a hotel or restaurant.


  • Country: Austria
  • Specifier: Hoflehner Interiors

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